Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do I even remember how to so this?? Well, it's been 2 years since I attempted, but I am going to try again. I did it before for chels, and now I am going to do it for you Casey! First day of Kindergarten. I survived without a tear shed. (I shed more than enough all last week that I didn't have any left). Jessica and Josi were so cute, and so excited! Jacskon and Russell were the best big brothers to help them on and off the bus and with anything else. Delaney, Dexter, and me had a quiet day at home and got a ton accomplished. Josiah got to see them before he left which was unsusual since they are normally still sleeping.
It was a great day for all

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is for you Chels!!! Can't wait to see you THurs!

Grandpa was standing in your spot for you :)

Jackson's Baptizm! Thanks to all my family for helping and making it a great day!

Jackson and Russell's combined B-day Party

With a grand total of 26 Boys we servived!!! Saved by the big toy. It was a blast and all the kids had so much fun! Later that night Josiah and I had friends over and played on the big toy ourselves. It was a blast!

Josiah's work Halloween party!

the girls dressed up as fairy ballerina's. Russell was a ninja and Jackson a vampire. Josiah was the hit of the party dressed up like Richard Simmons, and I was Jane Fonda. Delaney was a flower, and was so cute! I dont have that great of a picture of Jo, but it was good!!!

Jackson turned 8!!!

Jackson and a great day on his birthday. Josiah and I brought him a balloon boquet rootbeer floats to his class at school and all the kids loved that! Maybe next year he will be old enough for the monkey treatment (mom will understand:-)). Than we did presents and cupcakes and icecream for that night. He is a very happy boy and was very nice to share all his presents with Russell. They played for hours with their bakugan's. He also got some clothes, and a skateboard. A basketball and a cool map of the world.

First Snowman of the Season!!

We had a crazy snow day with a lot of snow, and later that day Russell was back in his shorts and Crocs. While Jackson was at school and before he had to catch the kindergarden bus he went out to build a snow man all by himself. The snow had all disappeared, but the snowman stuck around for a couple of days.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our summer Garden!!!

Josiah has done an incredible job ... as always with our Garden this summer. It is always weed free and the vegies all taste great! We have corn, pumkins, zucchini, cucumbers,cucumbers,cucumbers, peas, spinach, and lettuce. I don't think that there is one person that has come over that hasn't commented on how awesome it is (and I have multible numbers of people comming over every day!). Thumbs up Jo ... keep up the great work - I love you!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Josi, Jessica, Katelynn and Katlynn. Lunch at the park. You can tell my their cheeks how hot it was. Fun Fun!!!

Josiah and Delaney

I guess you all can see why my kids are such knock outs! Josiah is dang good looking and passed on his looks to my kids!!!

Jackson and Russell adore Delaney!!!

Russell is a Knock Out!!! Too cute for words!


Jessica was outside waiting for the boys to come home. I love this picture, so why not post it!

1st day of School!

Jackson and Russell walking home from school on the 1st day. They both had alot of fun. Russell loves riding the bus home with Jackson, and Jackson is proud to have his little brother ride with him. Hopefully that lasts!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cabin in Island Park

Josiah gets to use the most beautiful cabin through his work! We took a week long vacation there and loved every min. of it just being together. My mom, Rachelle and her kids came up one day and the cousins all had a blast!

Delaney and Grandma Roxanne

Isn't she very cute and festive with her big 4rth of July bow?

4rth of July Fireworks!

We had a fun time on the fourth. Josiah is a little bit of a pyromaniac -sp? and Jackson and Russell don't fall behind one bit. Our family that night minus Delaney. . .she was asleep in someones arms.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am going to try to be a blogger! Rachelle and my mom do a great job, and I think I can do it too. I kept saying once we got a new computer I would do it and well, that was a fiew months ago. So... here I go. I took the kids to Ross Park swimming pool monday night for family home evening, and than we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Dahlstrom. The kids love to swim, and are good at it too (thanks to Hawaii). Hawaii - wow that is a great place.

So for a little uptdate...
December and January we went to Hawaii! It was so much fun, really, the time of our lives!. The time together as a family and the memories made is priceless! We won't ever think about the money spent, just the best memories! View my mom's blog for pictures!
Febuary Casey and Luke got married! That was a dream come true for her and all of us. She was such a beautiful bride! Breathtaking!!!!

March and April my mom and I were over Junior Miss! It was awesome and we did a great job running the program I think. I hope, cuz we are going to keep it up for the next 5 years or so.
May - we had Delaney. Our Fifth!! She is a dream come true!
June - Josiah and I celebrated 9 years of the best marriage ever, we are still very much in love(imagine that). It couldn't get any better . . . really! Also, Whit and Griff got married. She too was a beautiful breathtaking bride! I love weddings!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Delaney Dahlstrom born on 5-7-09

We had our baby. She was lucky enough to be born on my moms birthday. It was a scheduled c-section. I was scared, but thanks to Josiah and my mom, I made it. She was 8lbs. , healthy and so beautiful! The girls are in love with her and the boys adore her. Josiah and I just really love having one baby to take care of. It is so sweet and calm and we actually have free arms all the time since we have to share her(sharing is a good thing). Everyone asks me how it is compared to having twins and I just say "I love having one baby!" Enough said! She is perfect in every way!